Climate Action

The triple planetary crisis (climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution) is likely the biggest existential threat humanity has ever encountered.

Young people today are naturally the group which will be most heavily affected by the crisis in the future. They are also the demographic who are moving the needle on the climate crisis, holding leaders to account like never before. Youth lead protest movements have mobilised tens of millions of people into climate action and beyond the crucially necessary protests, young people are also offering solutions.

At ChangemakerXchange, it is a critical part of our work to support and connect young climate changemakers around the world. Protecting the planet is a mindset and a red thread which runs through everything we do!

Our Global Climate Action Initiative

Over the coming years, ChangemakerXchange will support hundreds of young changemakers (aged 18-35) who are pioneering intersectional and innovative solutions around the planetary crisis.

We currently accept applications from changemakers in Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa for exciting summits and programmes in the respective regions.

Our ongoing activities:
Changemakers for the Planet 2023

(Applications closed)


What we do

We search, identify, select and empower young, climate leaders from each region of the world.

We connect them as part of intensive retreat experiences focused on human connection, wellbeing, peer learning and collaboration.

We strengthen their initiatives and make connections between the regions as part of an online capacity-building program.

Our Community

Climate action changemakers from our global ChangemakerXchange community include people like Mutetelenu, who trains Southern African children to be climate change ambassadors; Tariq who helps us learn from and collaborate with nature through Public Planet Partnerships, Neeshad who is building a regional climate youth movement across the Arab World, or Vera who recently joined Germany’s Federal Ministry for Climate Action as a special advisor.

Walking the walk

While our approach to climate action is rooted in systems-level change, it is complemented by the belief that individual action and embodying our own principles and values is crucial.

We have developed a Sustainability Manifesto that guides our sustainability efforts and ensures all our activities minimise their negative impact on the environment. For example, this includes the use of 100% renewable energy for our servers and our office, a “vegan only” office policy, and sustainable stationery.

All our staff have the option to devote 10% of their time to climate action initiatives, including joining protests and supporting local grassroots initiatives.

We offset the carbon emissions of ALL our historic, current, and future activities, but also acknowledge the limits of traditional offsetting and, particularly due to the fact that ChangemakerXchange is incorporated in Germany we have reframed our offsets as ‘Climate reparations’ and through this, we make direct donations to youth-led climate action in the Global South.

Climate Action Resources

Check out our list of climate action resources for changemakers where you can find everything from ‘navigating climate grief’ to tools to assess how well your company or country is performing on climate measures to digital storytelling toolkits for climate activists.