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for the Planet
at COP28

Why COP28

At COP28, the stakes are higher than ever. We are at a halfway point between the Paris agreement and 2030. COP27 was a landmark for young people. It featured the first ever youth-led climate forum and Youth Envoy, leading to Youth & Future Generations Day and the Global Youth Statement. The historic establishment of a new loss and damage fund was also something young people have been long advocating for. Their participation now is more critical than ever.

Changemakers for the Planet

Through Changemakers for the Planet we search, identify, and recruit young changemakers, activists and leaders, who tackle climate change, biodiversity loss, air, sea and land pollution.
Through Changemakers for the Planet we search, identify, and recruit young changemakers, activists and leaders, who tackle climate change, biodiversity loss, air, sea and land pollution.

How we support climate changemakers to make the most of COP28

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Thanks to the support of our programme partners at Apple and SAP, we provide stipends for 22 changemakers who have been through our MENA and Europe programmes to ensure there are no financial barriers to their attendance at COP28.
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We connect the COP28 attendees to each other and to the local ecosystem in the Gulf. This happens through online sessions to help them navigate the COP experience and in-person gatherings during the conference to help them to connect, recharge and decompress.
We communicate widely about the cohort across channels and audiences, helping to showcase and give a platform to their work and stories. We connect them to key stakeholders in the climate ecosystem, and recommend them for panels and speaking opportunities.

Our Community

At the heart of ChangemakerXchange is a vibrant close-knit community of over 1000 changemakers from 130 countries working on a vast range of issues. See below the ChangemakerXchange members who we will be supporting and convening at COP28.
Renata Koch Alvarenga
Renata Koch Alvarenga, EmpoderaClima
EmpoderaClima is a Brazilian youth-led initiative that aims to advance the gender equality agenda in the climate policy space.    
Latin America
Ali Osman Ali Ibrahim
Ali Osman, Istidama Wattan Organization
The Istidama Wattan Organization raises awareness on SDGs and climate change among young people in Sudan.    
Abdallah Dreiat
Abdallah Dreiat, Green Generation Foundation
The Green Generation Foundation is a green youth leadership program.    
Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon
Naz Yaman
Naz Yaman, Esmiyor
Esmiyor is a purpose-driven design studio focusing on sustainability and climate change.  
Tim Steppich
Tim Steppich, ClimatEU
Democratising access to the climate-tech sector by connecting climate companies with investors and talent
Baliqees Salaudeen
Baliqees Salaudeen , Green Republic Farms
Green Republic Farms is a Nigerian agribusiness that aims to address food security, youth unemployment, and sustainable agriculture in the country.    
Durlabh Ashok_Youth Embassy
Durlabh Ashok, Climate Action Centre

The Climate Action Centre revolves around grassroots advocacy and community engagement by collaborating with local Pakistani organizations to raise awareness, promote sustainable practices and empower vulnerable communities to adapt to the changing climate.

Mathias Charles
Mathias Charles, Live Love Recycle
Live Love Recycle facilitates recycling by digitising the waste management sector in Lebanon.  
Lebanon, Egypt, France
Dana Ahmed
Dana Ahmed, EcoSpectrum
EcoSpectrum elevates climate and ocean literacy for neurodivergent youth.    
Egypt, United Arab Emirates, UK
Fabian Hold
Fabian Hold, Future Maps
Future Maps redirects and reduces the demand for animal products and unsustainable consumer goods towards more sustainable alternatives like veganism, circular products and services from steward-owned companies.    
Germany, US, UK
Sabrine Chennaoui
Sabrine Chennaoui,MONSAPO
MONSAPO produces 100% ecological household and maintenance products (laundry, dishes, floor, surfaces and exterior…) which are inspired by nature for maximum efficiency.    
Xu Ben Zhang
Xu Ben Zhang, Kelp Forest Foundation
The Kelp Forest Foundation aims to quantify the ecosystem services of giant kelp forests.    
Namibia, South Africa, Alaska, New Zealand, Netherlands
Amal Ridene
Amal Ridene, Tunisian Young Climate Change Negotiators
Tunisian Young Climate Change Negotiators support the Tunisian delegation to the UNFCCC in international negotiations as party delegates.    
Middle East and North Africa
Hatim Aznague
Hatim Aznague, The Sustainable Development’s Youth
The Sustainable Development’s Youth aims to promote, sensitize and concretize sustainable development and implement a friendly local agenda for climate change    
Esmat Elsayed
Esmat Elsayed, EU DEAR Programme – Generation Climate Europe
The EU DEAR Programme, Generation Climate Europe and European Commission are three initiatives mobilizing youth voices and energies towards climate action, sustainable consumption and global citizenship education.    
EU, Egypt, Ghana, Cameroon, Senegal
Rihem Akkari
Rihem Akkari, Youth For Climate Tunisia
Youth For Climate Tunisia fights for climate as well as social justice.    
Christopher Daccache
Christopher Daccache, RECYCLER
RECYCLER leverages technology to create environmentally-friendly solutions and encourage social good, instigated by a team of passionate youth.    
Irina Mkrtchyan
Irina Mkrtchyan, Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Development of Communities
ISSD offers solutions to stop pollution by boosting proper waste management in Armenia.  
Maryam Akhtar
Maryam Akhtar, Fridays For Future Pakistan
Fridays For Future Pakistan raises awareness on and does advocacy for climate change advocacy.    
Pakistan, Asia Pacific
Manal Bidar
Manal Bidar, UNCCD Youth Caucus
UNCCD Youth Caucus reinforces Youth’s involvement in Climate Action through Politics and Public Policies as a platform.    
Lilian Haddad
Lilian Haddad, EcoYouth Jordan
EcoYouth Jordan is a social-environmental women-led initiative working for a sustainable green future.    
20231102 Najla Abdellatif

Najla Vallander, Prominent Young Climate Activist

Najla promotes sustainable and waste-free practices for Middle Eastern households through an engaging platform.    
Sweden, Middle East and North Africa
20221007 Tariq Al Olaimy
Tariq Al Olaimy, 3BL Associates & Public Planet Partnerships
People + planet strategy consultancy and ecosystem of social enterprises focussing on the wellbeing economy, inter-species collaborations, and board diversity.  
The Gulf & MENA-wide
Seren Dalkiran, Synergized Earth Network
A global value-driven intergenerational and multi-stakeholder network and platform to address the next generation of leadership and generate solutions for the most pressing challenges of the 21st century.    
Menna Shahin
Menna Shahin, Tekeya
We organize unsold food items and make it accessible for all at a reduced price or free to decrease food waste.    
Egypt & The UAE
Rayan Kassem
Rayan Kassem, Youth4Nature
Youth4Nature is a youth-led, international non-profit organization that educates, empowers, and mobilises young people to lead on solutions for the ecological and climate crises.    
Yolanda von Zitzewitz
Yolanda Von Zitzewitz, ReDo
ReDo aims to create sustainable alternatives for current packaging and systems as a Crowd Innovation Platform.  
Edoardo de Cal
Edoardo de Cal, Wop
A platform that helps farmers manage their water resources through satellite data.    
José Gudiño
Jose Gudiño, Jóvenes Empoderan a Jóvenes
Empowering indigenous youth to protect the Amazon and take climate action.    
Latin America
Mutetelenu Kalama
Mutetelenu Kalama, Agents of Change Foundation
Using radio across Zambia as a tool for sparking conversations and raising awareness on social and environmental issues.    
Richard Kachungu
Richard Kachungu, Young Emerging Farmers
Empowering young people through Climate Smart Agriculture.    
Sub-Saharan Africa
Wara Iris Ruiz Condori
Wara Iris Ruiz Condori, Green Voices
Getting young people in Bolivia into green journalism.    
Latin America
We’re constantly offering new opportunities for climate changemakers, activists and people working towards the wellbeing of people and planet. Sign up to our waitlist now and stay tuned!